Brony: Hey. Got any apple cider?

Me: Don't even go there. If you talk about Cider I will rip your BLOODY WINGS OFF.

B: Does Daniel have any apple cider?

M: Rip! You begin to bleed out where your wings used to be. You are in excrutianting pain. You can no longer fly. So much blood...

B: NO! But I love my wings!

M: Your wings are no more. I BURNED THEM!!!!!

B: But how can you rip my wings off if you're at home and I'm in the crystal kingdom?

M: Because, stupid, I'M DEAD!

B: Who killed you?

M: That's for you to figure out, wingless. 

B: I still have my wings.

M: No you don't...I ripped them off and burned them. BURNED THEM!!!!!!!!!!

B: Weird as usual Matt...

M: Me weird? Hahaha! You're the one letting the blood run out...

B: No wound, no blood.

M: That is incorrect, wingless. You are bleeding all over...almost to death...

B: Well, how am I flying then? At this very moment.

M: You're halucinating, wingless. From blood loss. And death.

B: *Falls over, laughing*

M: And dying...

M: Well got to go wingless...Have fun in the afterlife...