Smiley Guy, also called ZarquonZargoth, or Zarbron, is a villain from Mr. Happy and a minor character in Post-Cancellation. He is an alien from the nation of Borg on the Planet Frawn, and wants to take over the planet. Compared to other villains, Smiley Guy is an intellectual, attempting to use mind games to stump and confuse his victims. He is prone to a temper, which changes his yellow, smiling demenor to a red, angry one.

Originally, Smiley Guy was drawn as the "awesome face" internet meme, which The Artist had taken from the Flipnote Hatena on the Nintendo DSi.  In his intro comic, he met Mr. Happy, and then murdered him upon finding out that he was not evil. His current design debuted in a remake of his original comic for a canceled Mr. Happy Book.

Dream World Smiley Guy is a slightly different character who appears in multiple comics in the Dream World series. Like the other villains, he sports a single curl, buck teeth, and dorky glasses. 


After his debut, Smiley Guy usually made appearances alongside Mr. Crayon, and The Mutant Dog, establishing him as one of the three main villains of the series. Despite this, he had only a minor role in the original version of Mr. Happy Time Travels. He appears with The Mutant Dog, and challenges Mr. Happy, Mrs. Mad's Doormat, and The Living Hat to a game of chess. Upon losing, he explodes.

The only "Main Webcomic" comics that featured Smiley Guy were The Average Day of a Happy Face and My Essay. He would later appear in both versions of The Return, where he met with The Artist before choosing "Option 2," being rewritten into a future story.

A drastically changed remake of his original comic was being written when Mr. Happy was cancelled. Page one of this remake was posted to the Mr. Happy Archives section.