Note from The Artist:

This page is part of the Guest Comic Section.  These are the spin-off comics written by Garrett, who you may know as PICABODOG, the co-founder of Mr. Happy.  Most of these comics were written about the same time as the archives.  I didn't write any of these nor am I responsible for them being uploaded.  The text here is years old.  Like, 5th grade old.

~MrHappy21/The Artist 22:17, May 10, 2014 (UTC)

The link will take you to Mr. Crayon Goes Fishing. It's one of the first Mr. Crayon comics ever written. Probably THE first. It's not colored, has bad humor, but still the first. You have been warned....

This one is a revised and rewritten version of Mr. Crayon visits Bomb City. It's OK but still one of the first written. Keep in mind this Mr. Happy thing was started almost four years ago. Did Matt ever tell the story of Mr. Happy creation? Ask him. Or me. It'll be told one day or another.  (Note from The Artist: To read about the origin, click here)

This one was a fun one to write because Matthew never saw it when it was being written. This comic is referenced a lot and is THE original Mr. Happy's Final Death.

That's all I have completed for now. I'll edit this out after I finish AND scan Ye Olde Mr. Happy Comic: The Beginning. In fact, I'll work on that now... If I have time.