The Medieval Stories are a type of Story that take place in Medieval times. Duh.

Major Concepts Edit

For the most part, there are four classes to pick from: Archer, Thief, Wizard, and Knight. you'll read more about them later.

In most stories, The King gives the hero(s) an item to go and fetch for him.

If the band of heros falls asleep, they will wake up, tied to a post, surrounded by angry cannibals.

If a hero steps on the fifth-and-a-half floor, the entire building collapses.

If a crime is committed, a flying axe blade cuts off the criminals head.

Dollars are worthless. People pay with gold coins.

The General Store has everything, but it might not be affordable.

If anything is done to anger The Narrator, it results in an epic "HAND OF NARRATOR!"

Cute little woodland creatures have wepons pertaining to their first letter. ex: Bunnies have Bazookas, Squirrils have shotguns, and Monkeys have Manly Monocles. (Don't Ask)

The Path always leads to your destination.



Archers Start equipped with a bow, 10 arrows, and a quiver. They are the only ones who can use them. Archers can upgrade to an infinate quiver at the general store. Fameous Archers: Sparrow Helmet, Eddie the Archer.


Thieves have the ability to pickpocket others. However, they cannot rob anything. They can olny pickpocket. If they get caught in the act, they are chopped. Theives are also good at sneaking. They are equipped with a dagger. Famous Theives: StealyMcStealyPants , Black Box.


Wizards have the ability to do any magical spell, but it is never guarenteed to work. For example, teleporting almost always teleports you into something, causing you to explode for no reason. They start with a magic stick and hat. Wizards' power come from their hat. If they lose it, all they can do is conjure pants. Fameous Wizards: Joe the Wizard, MasterBobPants


Knights have the ability to ride horses and are skilled in battle. They start with a sword, horse, and armor. Fameous Knights: Sir Poopsalot


Everything is up to the Narrator. It's only fun if its random and there are a lot of funny fails


The following are comics that were made based on real Medieval Stories.

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